• We are at the forefront of delivering premium quality coal that caters to various industries. Our imported coal is known for its high calorific value, low ash content, and consistent quality, making it a preferred choice for energy generation.


  • Max Impex is a reliable supplier of Petroleum Coke (Petcoke), an essential fuel in various industrial processes. We ensure that our petcoke meets the stringent quality standards required for optimal performance.


  • Our quartz products are sourced and processed to meet the demands of industries such as glass manufacturing, ceramics, and electronics. We offer high-purity quartz with exceptional clarity and thermal stability.


  • Max Impex provides feldspar solutions that find applications in diverse sectors, including ceramics, glassmaking, and construction. Our feldspar products boast superior quality and consistency.


  • Barytes: With a focus on quality, we offer barytes that are crucial in industries like oil and gas, paints, and plastics. Our barytes products are characterized by high specific gravity and exceptional purity.